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Professional dancers, choreographers and teachers ~ Heidi Leolani Frazier & Allegra Pi DuVal ~

Allegra Pi DuVal - Class Instructor
"Move" Performance 2007
Belly Dance Workout Class
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Give Your Beautiful Body the Love it Deserves!


Belly-dancing is the perfect cross training workout utilizing core muscle groups in an aerobic and isotonic regime. Our carefully structured classes target hips, abs, arms and thighs while the sensuous movements empower fluid expression of the body. Using traditional music and rhythms enhances the intrinsic power of the movements.


The Belly Dance Workout Class is wonderfully addictive. We add a fun, high-energy, fitness twist to this beautiful ancient art. The workout you get from our sessions is designed to tone muscles, enhance flexibility, increase energy, release tension and stretch your joy receptors to the limit! All ages welcome and no experience is required. People with pets, preferred.


New classes now forming or drop-in Free to your first ongoing class. You'll try the free class ~ but you'll stay for the energizing FUN!


Come Dance With Us!

Heidi & Allegra


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